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G+Project52 – Week #6: Signs

Signs in snow by Silvia Ganora

Signs in snow - ©Silvia Ganora Photography

Contrary to what’s happening in other European countries, and even in Central and Southern Italy, here in Northern Piemonte we’ve had just a hint of snow.  Temperatures dropped dramatically, though, and it was darn freezing!

Week #6 theme for G+Project52 was Signs… I thought I’d take a shot of my foot prints in the snow, a sign of my presence out there in the cold, cruel world…

Used my compact Canon and, as usual, I edited this pic in Camerabag2 software (I’m getting addicted to it!). I find myself using my compact rather than my Nikon d90 these days, especially in case of rain or snow. I’m kind of afraid of taking out my ‘real’ camera in such occasions. I know I should not feel intimidated by bad weather, but carrying my compact in my shoulder bag sounds much more comfortable than carrying my bulky d90.

How about you? Does bad weather prevents you from venturing outside with your DSLR? How do you protect it in case of rain? Just curious.

– Have a look at +Project52-2012 page on G+ to participate.


8 comments on “G+Project52 – Week #6: Signs

  1. sherri
    February 10, 2012

    excellent. i like the footprint included

    • sil
      February 10, 2012

      Hi Sherri,

      Thanks so much! Glad you like it 🙂

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