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G+ Project 52–Week #3: Rule of Thirds + How to apply the Rule of thirds on your images in Photoshop

Red bow and a feather by Silvia Ganora

Red bow and a feather - ©Silvia Ganora - All rights reserved

Last week’s theme for the GplusProject52 was to take a picture following the Rule of thirds. I believe everyone taking photography seriously should know of this rule. It’s a simple rule of composition that states you should imagine a 3 x 3 grid overlaying the scene you see in your viewfinder. You should then compose your shot trying to place the main subject(s) of your photo where the lines of the grid intersect. This simple rule will help you compose more balanced and visually pleasing images. Remember, it’s a rule and rules are made to be broken 🙂

That said, I want to share with you something really useful I just discovered. You can use Photoshop to divide your images following the Rule of thirds and to to crop them. How? Simply select the Custom Vector Shape Tool in Photoshop Toolbar: the Grid is hidden in the Options bar pop-up menu, just scroll down until you find it. I’m not going to explain how to apply it, just go to this article on The Photographic Reporter site and follow their tutorial. Below you can see the original shot and the shot after editing and with the grid applied.

before-after-bow by Silvia Ganora


5 comments on “G+ Project 52–Week #3: Rule of Thirds + How to apply the Rule of thirds on your images in Photoshop

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